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If you plan on becoming a licensed practical nurse, also called, LPN, then you might want to find a licensed practical nursing school as well. Colleges for nurses are spread accross the nation, you won't have trouble finding the right college that meets your licensing needs. One thing that has become of controversy, is the opportunity for nurses to gain their associate's degree online! That's right, starting January of 2007, you are now able to achieve your associates degree for licensed practical nursing online with Kaplan University. Another online university is the university of Phoenix. College classes are very flexible for the indivdual so whether you wish to be in session at night, or day, it is strictly and only up to you. Classes are also hands-on to ensure that you understand and can apply learned skills in a real working environment.

The demand for nurses has become ever more needing, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts a need for 1.7 million more nurses by the year 2020, that seems like a long time, but thirteen years will pass soon. Nurses who truely wish getting their license soon, should start as soon as they can. Since LPNs work under the supervision of registered nurses as vital members of the nursing team, they basically hold the whole practical group together. Don't forget LPN's can obtain an Associate degree in Nursing or go on to get their BSN degree completely online. If you are a current LPN nurse and wish to further improve your education, The Licensed Practical Nurse must submit a copy of his/her current license and an official transcript from the practical nursing program. An LPN training course typically involves the education of simple as well as complex medical procedures which includes administering most medications.

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Schools that offer the practical nurse her license, are profoundly eager to help the nurse be on his or her way to success. Instructors truely have a world of experience with nursing, and are trained to be friendly and provide answers to any of which questions you may have or be concerned about with nursing or a even your license. One of the examinations the nurse will have to undergo, is the NCLEX-LN certification exam, since it is required by all fifty states to become a licensed practical nurse, it is very wise to attend a school to take specific classes for your preparation for this exam.

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