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Licensed Practical Nurse Training Programs in Chicago

If you live in Chicago (IL) and want to learn train online for a LPN or RN degree, congratulations! Chicago is one of the best places to be, even if online training can be done anywhere in the States, Chicago is the place a licensed practical nurse wants to live.

High rising skyscrappers looming over sandy beaches, baseball at Wrigley park, a walk at the Navy Pier. Chicago is a buzzing, growing city where opportunities for LPN trained people abound. Working as a travel nurse, at-home LPN or in-place RN, Chicago offers lots. Check it!

If you are still untrained, in Chicago you can choose from a big number of private schools. For example, the International Career Institute or the Northbrook College of Health Care, which offers the full CNA (Certified Nursing Attendant) range of courses. You can also go for something far cheaper like a community college (for example, the Elgin Community College.) Most of these options offer online training for Licensed Practical Nurse studies or Registered Nurse studies.

If you don't live in or near Chicago, no problem! You can enroll in any online program close to you, and if required to take some live classes attend a community college close to your home. But if you don't mind traveling, Chicago is one of the best places to learn LPN or RN, online or in a school or college. Go Chicago!

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