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Working as a Travel Licensed Practical Nurse

If you are an LPN, you will need to make several calls to find travel companies who staff LPNs for travel assignments. Staffing companies will begin contacting you when new LPN (or RN) travel assignments become available: there are in fact some websites that let you register and create a profile with a description about yourself, qualifications and after approval your details will be passed to some of the best staffing agencies for travel LPN nursing. It's simple: nursing jobs are waiting for you at more than 4,200 of the nation’s top hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and home care (among some other options.) Your career can finally fit your lifestyle. If you want to be an LPN travel nurse keep one thing in mind: be sure to complete your one year of work experience—be it medical-surgical, labor and delivery or another specialty. Travel nursing is extremely well liked by most nurses, even though some assignments can be dullish. A whole new world could open up for you. If you try something and you don’t like it, nothing is lost because you’ve gained new skills and experience at that particular hospital. Move on to your next LPN assigment!

Many Nurse recruiters and recruiting agencies are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns or just when you want to hear a friendly voice. Many of the LPN nursing jobs and LPN travel jobs that are posted on websites are also available via email alert. You don't need to search online every day: offers can land in your (e)mailbox. Nationwide, the average amount of money LPN travel nurses make is about USD 40,000, of course, this is after taxes. New York and Chicago are paying big money to recruiters for temporary staff to supplement their own employees during a national nursing shortage, not surprisingly, many other states are doing the same. For high paying travel nursing agencies, here are some nursing requirements: three years of minimum LPN or other nursing experience, Two years minimum as a nephrology nurse, must be willing to travel, must have excellent interpersonal skills, you must be reliable, you must be able to pass drug screening and background check, and a CNN cerftification will definitely look wonderful on your resume.

If you need more LPN qualifications you still have timeNurse employment and nursing jobs can be posted on 4 Nursing jobs lists for medical jobs including nurse employment with hospitals, travel nurse agencies and RN Jobs in health care. Either way, travel nurses have many options to do what they want to do, and when they want to do it. If you are currently a traveling licensed practical nurse, and you find the right environmental hospital for yourself, then you can ask to be permenantly placed at that hospital just after you give them notice and fill out a few registration forms.

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