Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse

Registered nurses, simply named "RN" nurses, have achieved their degree from one of many ways, the easiest route in achieving your registered nurseing license, is by earning a two-year degree Associates of Science in nursing. Licensed practical nurses, otherwise, LPN's can become a registered nurse simply by applying for a nurse bridging program which can be found almost anywhere, even locally. Applicants to the LPN Advanced Program will be considered for acceptance one time only. If you have previously attended another college you should contact the institution and request an official transcript to be sent directly to the Admissions & Records Office. This process just makes it a lot easier on you and on the staff that has to put through your transcripts and paper work.

The neat thing for LPN's is their ability to to obtain a diploma in professional registered nursing in approximately one year after enrollment. After the one year course and Upon completion of the program, the graduate is eligible to write the NCLEX-RN examination for licensure as a registered nurse. Many states like New york, their health care needs of the multicultural population demand in increase in the supply of registered nurses. This should only motivate you to become a "RN" nurse, you can gain many benefits, and the pay is especially very good. The neat thing about being a registered nurse is, you are available to work on an as-needed basis in hospitals, clinics, universities, corporate settings and more. If you plan on becoming a registered nurse, you can get payed anywhere from $33 and hour to $45 an hour, depending on the amount of experience you have inherited, and the amount of time you have spent with that particular hospital.

This is exactly why Licensed practical nurses wish to become an all time RN, because LPN's dont get to enjoy nurses enjoy a flexible career that provides exposure to varied clinical settings, along with competitive salaries and excellent benefits. If you already a Registered nurse, you can even refer your first LPN (friend) and earn $100.00, and earn an additional $25 at most places for doing so. Bottom line, RN's have much gain much more benefits and flexibility, simply by being a registered nurse, your always going to be in demand.

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