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Licensed Practical Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

For future nurses, or for licensed practical nurses (known as lpn), who wish to know more about the baccalaureate degree, referred to as BSN, or Bachelor of science in nursing, you can find out here. There are in fact universitys that have the versatility of letting you gain your bsn over the internet(online), Enrolling in an online program will give students the freedom to continue working, raise families, or have the option of taking classes over the summer. Online classes use a message board where students will be able to find the week's assignments and will be able to complete them in the time allotted.Students are expected to turn in assignments on time, participate in online discussions, and ask questions at any time.

Many LPNs have expressed a desire return to school to become an RN or a BSN, but insufficient time, the need for an ongoing salary, and many times, BSNs feel the same exacty way. Traditional campus based BSN programs take 4 years to complete and curriculums contain courses not included in ADN programs including courses in leaderships and management, community health nursing, risk reduction, and disease management. So before you want to go to being a BSN from an LPN, make sure you are ready. The National League for Nursing standardized tests can give the LPN up to 38 credits and advanced placement for the nursing curriculum. Passing this test is very, very critical.

Once you have become a BSN, you have a variety of experience to handle all types of equipment, patients, some BSN nurses are even payed to train other nurses to become a BSN nurse. You also have the opportunity to learn screen procedures and nursing case management, as you strive and thrive to become a BSN from and LPN.

Surely LPN's also desire the money that comes with a BSN license, and your versatility just keeps becoming higher and higher for demand. Though, salaries in large metropolitan hospitals tend to be higher than salaries for LPNs in nursing homes, BNS never have to worry about this problem, for their experience always demands a top knotch salary.

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