Licensed Practical Nurse Programs Online

If you want to be a licensed practical nurse, or are thriving to better your experience, then there are many lpn programs out there for you. Licensed practical nursing programs include classes or training that can be online, or physical classes that can be done at a near by College. Registration is fairly simple, costs vary depending on the program that you wish to be trained in. A few courses are, Conditions of illness, pharmacology, body structure, body function, care of mothers and newborns. Take my word for it, there are plenty of other classes out there for you to take. Once you have successfully completed the needed and required programs you are eligible to take the "NCLEX-PN" examination in which is needed for your license.

Once you have completed and of course passed your program, you will recieve a certificate. A helpful way to study for your examination, is using a computer program called the "Saunders comprehensive Review", you can either purchase this from a store, online, or you can find it in a nursing textbook that you have recently purchased. The Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam has about 120 or more questions on each cd. To pass the NCLEX-PN you will need at least 74%, which for them, is considered the lowest possible "C". If you get anything believe 74% it is counted as a fail.

To become a licensed practical nurse, the NCLEX-PN is truely the only examination(test) you will have to worry about in the long run, once you pass, your home free. My mom herself took this test for her LPN, she is an RN today, I myself wish to take this test soon, she warns me about many pharacology questions and such. By far the easiest questions to pass, My mother says, are the "dosage calculations", make sure you study diligently and well for those questions for you do not want to miss them, they will give you valuable points on your program licensed practical nurse exam. To round it up, you can take lpn programs online with flexibility, or take them with hands on ability at a college or university!